About Us....

Atlantis Art Glass Studio is a teaching studio

preserving and passing on all of the different techniques of working with the art glass medium. 
We also provide custom commssioned glass work, both residential and commercial. We work along side private individuals, architects and designers, cabinet companies, and luxury home builders.
We can work with any idea from an individual's vision to a "bar napkin sketch" and convert it to a working mechanical drawing.

We contract to do restorations and repairs,
both large and small.
We truly believe in "artistic craftsmanship" and continually strive to exceed not only our clients expectations, but also our own.

Rick Keppler -

Rick Keppler didn't realize it at the time, but at age 6 a new and important life course was charted for him. Rick's father, a newly graduated engineer, moved his family to Colorado from Long Island, New York. It was there in Colorado, in his teenage years that he made his acquaintance with the glass arts. His close friend's family members were passionate hot glass artists. It wasn't long before Rick was being taught how to use the tools. Whether in the heat of summer or sub-zero chill of winter, the glass furnaces were in constant use.

Despite his initiation into hot glass, Rick didn't initially pursue it as a vocation. His first job was in auto body painting. He apprenticed to a Native American master artist who ingrained into Rick a love of graphic arts and a very powerful sense of color. Recently married and with his family beginning to grow, Rick made a practical decision to seek a management career in the automotive industry. His glass "hobby" became a means of relieving the stress of corporate life and also of supplementing income for his family. At 45 he was at a crossroads. Unhappy with the intensity of corporate life, he decided to "make that back flip off of the diving board I had never done before" and pursue his art by opening his own studio, "Atlantis Art glass Studio, Inc.". He never looked back.

Rick Keppler, as a true master artist, is constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible using glass as an art medium by marrying the different specialties into new and visually exciting forms. He credits his father, the engineer, for instilling in him exacting attention to detail while never losing site of the vision of the finished work. His uncanny eye for color and form serves his clients well. Finally, in spite of the heavy workload in his studio, he still manages to share his passion for art glass with the new and continuing students. He has found that which is elusive for so many: the joy of following his dream

Suzanne Burks -

It seems like the Arts have always been a part of her life. In her youth the performing Arts took center stage as she studied piano, saxophone, voice and ballet. She loved all things beautiful.

In the 1990s a friend invited her to go with her to some classes on stained glass and very quickly her sense of beauty became focused on the glass arts. She was amazed that even small pieces of glass art could brighten an entire room. The glass arts also struck a very familiar chord in her Christian faith. Both are an inspiration to her every day.

As the years have passed, she has gained mastery in nearly all of the forms of glass art, not just as a craft, but more definitely as an art. her most admired artist is Louis Comfort Tiffany. Suzanne has spent more than 12 years as an instructor passing on her passion for the glass arts. She has a deep sense of satisfaction when she sees the light of understanding come across in the faces of her students.

These days Suzanne has other sources of joy and beauty… her two grandchildren.

She is immensely proud to be called "Nannie".