Intro to Tiffany Foil Class


Two separate beginner classes will be held each month. The classes normally begin on the first Tuesday, (class 1) and also on the first Thursday, (class 2) of each month. Classes meet on these evenings from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and run for 4 consecutive weeks.

Class fee is $150.00 per student. Students are not required to purchase any tools or equipment. We provide all materials for the completion of your first project and all required tools and equipment while students are in class.

We will offer our students a limited selection of patterns to choose from for their first project in order to limit the size and number of pieces. This is to ensure that each student completes at least one project.

Priority will be emphasized on technique, rather than subject matter so that each student will learn all the proper and necessary steps to creating their own quality piece of stained glass.

A deposit 0f $20.00 is required to hold a reservation as class size will be limited to 4 students. Deposits are refundable until one week prior to class date.

We cannot hold a reservation without a deposit.

All students who attend any class or workshops can enjoy the benefit of a 10% discount on all future purchases, with the exception of our advanced classes. Students who complete the beginner Tiffany foil class become eligible for specialized projects such as: leaded panels, boxes, panel lamps, mosaics, fusing and much more.

Also available to students is the "Open Studio". Available on a limited basis, for a nominal charge. This is an opportunity to utilize not only our studio and tools, but may also afford a little help for the advancing student. Reservations are required due to seating availability. See us for further details.